– DD’s Discounts Survey – For all the customers who recently visited DD’s Discount Store, there is a chance for them to participate in the DDS License Survey and become the winner of the DDS Discount Gift Card. It is important to take a moment of your time and visit the site to answer a few questions regarding your visit.

If you answer correctly, you will memorize as a winner of DDS gift cards. If you are not sure about the rules, guidelines, and process of completing a customer survey by DD, you can read this article.

Lots of customers shop at DD’s stores to buy a variety of home improvement products and other products related to clothing, kitchen, bathroom, and other kitchen items. Everyone has different experiences. Some may enjoy the services provided by the store, while others may disappoint.

DDslistens provides an opportunity for customers to express their views about their experience. Participants must participate in and provide honest responses to a series of DDS license survey questions.

In this post, I will elaborate on what you can expect from the DDslistens Questionnaire, all the features including the terms, conditions, and process of taking the benefit.

I’ve also provided contact information that you can use to reach company representatives in case you encounter any technical issues. In addition, you will get a D.D. You will find a complete article about the survey conducted.

DD’s Discounts Survey Details

Take the DD Listeners Survey ( for a chance to win a $500 gift card for DD Discounts! No purchase is necessary.

Must be 18 years or above to gain admission. Entries are limited to one per day, with or without a receipt. Please review the official sweepstakes rules for more details on this sweepstakes.

Survey RewardA chance to win a $500 gift card
Time To Complete3-5 Minutes
Receipt Valid ForUnknown
Coupon Valid ForUnknown

What is DDS Listens Survey?

DDSListence Survey is an online survey that the company is conducting for its loyal customers visiting DD stores.

If you are a visiting subscriber, you can participate in surveys on by following certain conditions. The survey questions will revolve around your past experience in the store and all questions will require you to answer.

The company wants its customers to respond as truthfully as possible because it requires accurate information about operations at its locations. The company will collect the data to analyze it and then use it to improve customer service.

To provide this valuable information, the business offers DDS discount gift cards to customers, which can operate to purchase various products at a discounted price. Customers can earn huge amounts of cash from a DDS Gift Card and use it before it expires. Read the next paragraph to know more about the benefits.

DDslistens Rewards

Rewards are an integral part of every survey, and people who take the time to answer questions want to be rewarded for something.

Customers can earn these prizes if they participate in this DDS Discount customer survey sweepstakes. There is also a chance to win special prizes if they are lucky. At present, the company offers this reward to the customers.

  • DD gives away a $500 gift card that can be used for the grand prize.
  • The company gives away a gift card with a $100 discount as a second prize.

Gift cards come with specific restrictions and expiration dates, meaning you must use the card before it expires. Keep in mind that it is within the control of the Company to change the reward amount, so you should refer to your purchase receipt as it will contain the details.

DDS Discount Customer Survey Requirements

  • You can get a receipt for your purchase when you visit a DD’s store.
  • To complete the survey visit this site: website.
  • You can access the website using any suitable device, including smartphones, laptops, PCs, or tablets.
  • Check to make sure you are using an up-to-date browser.

If you’ve completed the basic requirements Please read the guidelines below to confirm your eligibility.

Rules to Participate in DDslistens Customer Survey

The chain of DD has established guidelines for participants to be eligible to take part in the survey. It is essential to follow even one of the requirements to prevent being automatically disqualified from participating in the survey. So, make sure you study these rules and verify whether you’re eligible to take the survey. If not.

  • Participants must be residents of the United States, especially from these states: Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and New Jersey along with New Mexico. Don’t take the survey if you’re not from the States or even within the country.
  • The test will be conducted in two languages, specifically English as well as Spanish. You can select one of them based on your preferences.
  • With the receipt from Dd’s purchase With the receipt from your purchase, you are able to participate in the poll.
  • Participants can only take one survey within a month or during the time of the survey.
  • The reward cannot be transferred to anyone else (other than you).
  • There is no way of receiving cash or money to exchange the reward or prize in the survey.
  • The winner must pay all charges that are imposed on the prize.
  • Participants must be not office employees as well as employees employed by the firm since the company might not permit them to participate in the survey.

The rules mentioned above are mandatory for all participants to adhere to in order to be eligible to take part in the DDS Listens Survey. If they don’t meet even one of the rules then they will not be able to take part in the customer satisfaction survey questions.

 Contact Details

Everyone who participates in DDS Surveys for Gift Card surveys may encounter technical issues from time to time.

If you are one of those who are facing any unexpected issues, then you must contact the customer care department. They will be able to identify the nature of your problem and will try to provide you with a complete solution.

Please refer to the following details to reach DD’s customer support.

  • DDListens Survey Website:
  • DD’s Official Website:
  • Contact Number: +1-800-335-1115

Contact the contact information above to address any questions or concerns regarding the survey. The team will help you and assist you in solving any issues.

Also, check here:


After reading the DDS Listens survey and how to access it online at, I hope you will be able to answer all of your questions. DD is a well-known retailer with excellent customer service.

However, by using surveys the company is committed to ensuring that customers receive the best services available. When answering surveys make sure they are genuine and verified to ensure that you are the winner of the DDS Discount Gift Card.

Feel free to contact me via comments with any other questions regarding the DDS Discount survey. I will assist you with your concerns or questions. You can also submit your feedback and suggestions.

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